Top 10 Staffing Technology Trends for 2020

Top 10 Trends for Staffing Technology 2020

Today we’re excited to announce the top staffing technology trends that will be strategic for staffing firms in the 2020-2023 timeframe.  Staffing leaders should consider how these trends will impact their underlying competitive position and update their business operations and delivery models accordingly or risk losing competitive advantages to faster moving competitors. Staffing technology leaders should factor these trends into their roadmaps.

With accelerating technological change, staffing firms can deliver better and faster staffing services on a lower cost basis. The trend toward greater automation and scale efficiencies is beginning to positively affect the underlying economics and financial returns of staffing firms. As a result, staffing leaders should adopt new technology at faster rate than in the past.

As the market for labor continues to tighten, firms offering the best mobile experiences will grow faster and capture greater market share. Customers and candidates want the staffing experience to be as simple as taking a ride on Lyft or Uber.

The top 10 staffing technology trends for 2020 are:

Trend No. 1: Mobile Staffing Apps

Candidates, employees, and customers now run their lives from their mobile devices. Native mobile staffing apps are transforming the staffing process with an Uber-like experience. In fact, mobile applications are accelerating the staffing process and raising customer and employee satisfaction, while lowering operating costs. Many staffing firms that have deployed mobile apps are realizing breakthrough results – i.e. filling more orders faster and with fewer delivery resources.

Trend No 2: Conversational Systems and Chatbots

Chatbots – using text or voice – allow staffing firms to accelerate the staffing process by engaging more candidates at scale. The best applications within staffing include candidate engagement, scheduling, customer service, B2E and employee care. Chatbots are elevating the role of the recruiter by taking over lower value transactional activities while raising candidate and employee satisfaction. Staffing firms will adopt several conversational system solutions to support multiple use cases.

Trend No. 3: AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings value in all areas of staffing, producing cost savings and higher velocity operations. As a result, AI adoption is accelerating across the staffing landscape as the industry invests in digital workplace initiatives. All cloud apps will include AI by 2025. Similarly, 85% of interactions with candidates, employees and customers will be powered through AI by 2025. Many staffing operations will be performed by AI within a decade.

Trend No. 4: Digital Marketing

Staffing firms are building strong digital marketing capabilities to succeed in today’s tight labor market. They are developing integrated digital marketing programs and technology stacks to drive candidate flows, inbound sales leads, better engagement, and brand loyalty.

Trend No. 5: Enterprise Business Intelligence

Data is the new gold at the center of the staffing businesses. Staffing firms that master their data will secure unmatched competitive advantages. They need a data and analytics-centric mindset and effective business intelligence solutions to produce actionable insights. Staffing firms are now gaining competitive advantages, for example, by mining their databases more effectively for candidates. Modern platforms such as Microsoft Power BI make it possible for staffing firms of all sizes to build sophisticated and affordable BI and analytic capabilities. These tools combine data sources across the business to better manage operations.

Trend No. 6: Advanced Messaging and Communications

Staffing firms must communicate with people the way they prefer to communicate. For example, most candidates prefer to engage through mobile phones which converge SMS texting and VoIP on the same phone number. Staffing firms should closely align their communications technology with mobile phones. Staffing firms must also adopt technologies to engage through emerging channels such as Facebook messenger, Snapchat, and web site chat. New communication technologies such as audio interviewing are enabling firms to more efficiently capture and leverage candidate and client communications.

Trend No. 7: Intelligent Process Automation

Staffing organizations are using IA to realize significant efficiency gains, speed advantages and cost saving by transforming mundane, routine tasks into highly efficient end-to-end systems. That is why staffing firms are accelerating investments in IA and delivering greater value at lower cost. Modern IA tools make it straightforward to automate routine administrative activities and deliver consistent, and repeatable services.

Trend No. 8: Digital Engagement

Digital transformation is about reinventing staffing organizations with modern digital technology. The pace of change has accelerated the development of digital capabilities. These digital capabilities often automate workflows that were previously performed by humans and are producing consistency, cost efficiencies and higher value services.

Trend No. 9: Autonomous Staffing

Enabled by mobile apps, staffing firms are increasingly filling positions with minimal human involvement. AI and automation are progressing at such a rapid pace that more than a third of all temporary positions are expected to be filled autonomously by 2030. One of the key metrics that staffing firm leaders should begin tracking is the percentage of orders filled autonomously.

Trend No. 10: Blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed ledger database technology that is transforming business processing. Gartner estimates that blockchain will generate $3.1 trillion in new business value by 2030. Blockchain is delivering greater transparency, security, and disintermediation to a growing number of recruiting, delivery, onboarding, payment, skills verification, credentialing, and background check processes.

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