Grow your staffing business faster by aligning digital marketing with business strategy. Explore the trends, technologies and insights shaping the future of marketing for staffing. Meet with leading solutions providers who are redefining the staffing industry.

Join fellow staffing executives and their teams virtually for three days of practical learning with some of the best and
brightest marketing leaders in the staffing industry. Advance your thinking as a staffing industry leader and take away insights, advice, and new technology solutions that will drive results. Connect with an incredible community of trusted marketing experts and uncover practical advice from industry-leading practitioners, solution providers and accomplished peers.

This event is designed to leave you with meaningful takeaways and connections that will help your organization achieve desired marketing and sales automation goals.

Kassandra Barnes
Kassandra Barnes
Emily Burroughs
Emily Burroughs
Nicole Clarke
Nicole Clarke
Kip Havel
Kip Havel
Jared Hummel
Jared Hummel
Tom Kosnik
Tom Kosnik
Ankesh Kumar
Ankesh Kumar
Jeff Pelliccio
Jeff Pelliccio
Melissa Phillips
Melissa Phillips
Kyle Power
Kyle Power
Jeff Staats
Jeff Staats
Lindsay Stanton
Lindsay Stanton
David Searns
David Stearns
Emmanuel Toutain
Emmanuel Toutain
Leslie Vickrey
Leslie Vickrey
John Weston
John Weston
Meet the Leaders
  • Jared Hummel, COO, Parqa Digital Marketing Agency
  • Jeffrey Staats, Head of Marketing, TalentLaunch
  • Jeff Pelliccio, Director of Marketing, Infinity Consulting Solutions
  • David Searns, CEO, Haley Marketing
  • Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer, Digi-Me
  • Rick Maré, Founder, JXT
  • Emmanuel Toutain, CEO and Head of Product, Terefic
  • Kyle Power, Sr. Director of Interactive Marketing, CHG Healthcare Services
  • Ankesh Kumar, Founder/CEO, LetsChat
  • John Weston, President & Founder, Newbury Consulting Group
  • Tom Kosnik, President, Visus Group
  • And many more!
Topic highlights
  • Marketing innovation and strategy for staffing firms
  • Sales enablement and demand generation for staffing firms
  • Data-driven marketing and performance measurement for staffing firms
  • Marketing and sales tech stack for staffing firms
  • Delivering personalized experiences that build trust and differentiation
  • Leading omnichannel marketing programs
Major takeaways
  • Create innovative marketing strategies aligned with enterprise wide objectives
  • Discover new tools and technologies for your martech stack
  • Build effective marketing teams skilled in modern digital marketing methods
  • Streamline processes and marketing tech to simplify executive and improve outcomes
  • Learn how to validate and enhance the returns on your marketing investments
  • Use a data-driven marketing to deliver greater value
Program Overview
Virtual Keynote Presentation

Get inspired by our keynote presenter. This speaker is one of the most accomplished Chief Marketing Offers in the staffing industry.

Future of Staffing Presentations

Learn about new technologies that are shaping the future of staffing.

Demo Day

See brief demos of more than a dozen innovative marketing and sales automation products and services for staffing.  Easily schedule 1:1 MatchMaker Meetings with vendors to explore how their solutions align with your business.


Take part in interactive virtual digital marketing workshops that will equip you with ideas and insights to stay ahead of the competition and drive business value.

Marketing Customer Success Stories

Take a deep dive into innovative new marketing programs that have enabled staffing firms to achieve significant growth.

Panel Discussions

Learn from marketing leaders how to maximize the impact of your marketing initiatives and drive business results.

Ask the Expert Sessions

Connect with experts on specific topics in these interactive sessions.

Ask an Analyst Session – Prioritizing Technology Investments and Driving Innovation

Connect with StaffingTec365 Research Partner Talent Tech Labs.

Breakouts and Virtual Roundtable Discussions

Meet virtually with 5-7 peers and get real-time intelligence and best practices on trending topics in marketing and sales automation for staffing firms.

Panel Discussions

Marketing Innovation and Strategy for Staffing Firms

Marketing matters now more than ever. That is why marketing innovation has become a top priority for almost every staffing firm. In this session, we cover:

  • Developing an effective marketing strategy that will engage candidates and customers to drive growth
  • New strategic marketing approaches and innovation opportunities
  • Accelerating business innovation through digital transformation, marketing leadership and organizational effectiveness

Sales Enablement and Demand Generation for Staffing Firms

Sales enablement is no longer an option for staffing firms – it’s crucial for survival, growth, and success in today’s economy. In fact, Aberdeen has found that companies with successful sales enablement programs enjoy 32% higher sales team quota attainment. 

In this session, we will discuss:

  • How to build a successful interactive process that drives sales and recruiting teams to peak performance and customers to brand loyalty
  • Getting the right people in the right conversations with the right decision makers by combining sales tools, templates, training, playbooks and processes
  • Practical ways to reduce the complexity of sales enablement through scalable and repeatable practices
  • Performance metrics and KPIs for tracking and managing sales enablement effectiveness
  • Bridging silos between sales, recruiting and marketing

Data-Driven Marketing and Performance Measurement for Staffing Firms

The future is bright for data-driven marketing. Along with predictive and artificial intelligence marketing, data-driven solutions are becoming an essential part of successful marketing campaigns offering personalized experiences across multiple channels. 

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Building the right team with the right skills to manage successful marketing programs
  • Enabling collaboration across teams and departments
  • Bridging departmental silos and leveraging high quality and integrated data
  • Lessons learned on building internal commitment and buy-in from organizational leaders
  • Connecting tools, data and automation to create integrated marketing systems
  • BI for measuring and monitoring data and adjusting marketing programs to improve returns

Marketing and Sales Automation Tech Stack for Staffing Firms

The martech stack is key to making marketing and sales operations and processes more effective and efficient throughout the customer lifecycle. 

In this session, we will cover:

  • Marketing technologies and solutions to streamline internal collaboration, analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, and conduct personalized and proactive communications
  • Creating martech stacks that are smarter, more streamlined, and better connected
  • Building a successful martech roadmap to achieve your marketing and sales goals
  • Designing your strategic plan and defining needs ahead of investing in new tools
  • Tech stack consolidation and refinement to do more with fewer tools

Personalizing Experiences to Drive Differentiation

Success lies in creating more personal experiences for candidates and customers and delivering them in an authentic manner. 

In this session, we will explore:

  • Orchestrating multi-channel experiences across multiple networks and communication channels
  • Delivering a customer-centric approach that presents the right message, to the right person at the right time
  • Attracting and engaging more candidates and customers in increasingly personal ways
  • Measurement, KPIs and continuous improvement