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Welcome to the Staffing Technology Podcast


Now more than ever, staffing firms are evolving into digital businesses, and technology is rapidly changing the way that staffing firms operate.

The podcast features leaders and entrepreneurs who are transforming the staffing industry through technology innovation and digital transformation.

Find the right technology for your staffing and recruiting business

Featured Guests

The Smartest Minds in Staffing and Recruiting

Richard Peters

Richard Peters

Richard Peters, a cybersecurity expert, tells you how to protect your staffing firm

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Jason Lander

Jason Lander

Jason Lander of Medical Solutions talks about high-touch and high-tech staffing 

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Tom Kosnik

Tom, President of Visus Group, discusses what the fastest growing staffing firms do differently

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John Healy

John Healy

John Healy, CEO of, talks about innovation and Web 3.0 tools

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Amy Bingham

Amy Bingham

Amy Bingham of Bingham Consulting gives insight on preparing the next generation of staffing leaders

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